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Welcome to the RESZ Fab Loyalty Program!  This will explain how you can earn Reward Points to use towards future purchases through RESZfab.com.

As stated in the image above – for every $1 spent you earn 5 points that you can redeem on future purchases.  Every 5 points gets you 10 cents off.  For example – if you purchase something for $500 you’ll receive 2500 points which equals $50 off your next purchase.  You can also look at this from a percentage point of view – 10% of $500 is $50.

These points can be redeemed in portions, all at once, or saved up over time.  It’s your choice.


Below are a few more samples of the reward points and savings.

Spend $1,000 get 5000 points = $100 off future order.
Spend $500  get 2500 points  =  $50 off future order.
Spend $100  get 500 points = $10 off future order.

How do you earn points?

Purchase products – $1 = 5 points
Place your first order – 200 points
Leave product review – 500 points

Where can I find my points?

Once you’re logged in, go to My Account -> Loyalty and Rewards

How do I redeem / spend my points?

At checkout, there’s a section to enter the amount of points you want to cash-in.

If you have questions you can leave them below or send us an email at info@reszfab.com

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