RESZ Fab News & Black Friday 2021

New Website & Features

Some of you may have noticed and some may not, but for the first time in about 5-6 years we have updated the design of our website and added some new features.  

The coolest addition being our loyalty / rewards program.  This gives returning customers a discount on new orders based on how much they’ve spent on previous orders with RESZ Fab.  For every dollar spent you receive 5 reward points, which basically equates to 10% of the order.  For example, if you ordered something for $500 you would receive 2500 points, which comes out to $50 off your next purchase.  Pretty cool right!?

Speaking of rewards – you can now earn 500 points for leaving product reviews on previous purchases.   That’s $10 off your next purchase!  As mentioned above the Product Reviews are new.  The idea was sparked from the Loyalty program we integrated into the website.  It also allows customers to upload up to 3 photos of the product on their vehicle.  The reviews can be found on each of the product pages below the “Add to Cart” button.

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Lead times, material shortages, and price hike

Much like many other manufacturers in the US, we’ve been struggling with getting materials for the products we make.  This has obviously caused some increased lead times. What used to take a day or two to receive from our suppliers is now taking anywhere from a week to a couple of months depending on what it is, DOM tubing being the worst.  For example; the 1.25 tubing we use for panhard bars and 3rd gen lower links has been on order since the end of Aug.  We’re not expecting it for another couple of weeks.  

Current lead times can be found on each of the product pages.  We update these regularly in an attempt to keep them as accurate as possible.

In addition to the material shortages, the prices of material have skyrocketed over the past year, more than doubling in most cases.  Several months ago we increased the price of most of our products, but as material costs continue to rise, we have no choice but to increase the overall price on our products again.  

Starting November 1st 2021 most RESZ Fab products will increase by 10%.  To help offset the price increase a bit we will also be starting our “Black November” sale on the 1st too which will be 20% off our regular list price.

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We DO NOT give order updates via social media.  Communications get lost and forgotten too easily.

Holiday / Black Friday Sales

As mentioned above, our “Black Friday/November” sale will start on November 1st and run through the entire month of November, which includes “Cyber Monday.” Discounts are listed below.

RESZ Fab – 20% OFF

Diode Dynamics – 15% OFF

Raceline Wheels – 15% OFF

Morimoto – 15% OFF

Alpharex – 15% OFF


Transfer Case Skid

The second to last piece of our FULL skid plate lineup for the FJ Cruiser and 4Runner. Our gas tank skid will be available soon!

List Price:  $319.95

Full 3pc Skid Plate Kit

This covers everything from the radiator to the gas tank (not including the gas tank).

List Price: $899.95

MOLLE Panel with IWB Holster Mount

Specifically designed for those that carry with in waist band (IWB) holsters with right hand draw.  Applications available for FJ and Tundra.
Click on the photo or link above to see a photo with a holstered pistol

List Price:  $70

FJ Prerunner Bumper with Winch Mount

For those of you that like the prerunner look, but still want to run a winch.

List Price:  $1300

COMING SOON – FJ Rear bumper

Shooting to FINALLY have this finished up before the end of the year. Swingout will hold a 37″ while still being able to open the back window.

Pricing and more details coming soon.

COMING SOON – Bronco Sliders & other gear

A local friend of ours just got their 2021 Bronco and will be bringing it up in the near future for us to build some heavy duty sliders.
We’ll also be getting measurements for other products such as bumpers and rear links.

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