The laser cutting technology in the machines we use allow us to cut material at a high rate of speed, but also provide a very clean and precise cut, with the minimum size of the cutting slit reaching 0.006”, depending on the speed of the laser.

Laser cutting works well with a variety of materials including, plastic, glass, wood, and most metals including aluminum, steel, copper, and brass. Laser cutters work best with materials that range between 0.012” and 0.75″ in thickness, but are capapble of cutting even thicker materials.

A perfect example of how precise these laser cutters are is in the 4Runner keychain/bottle opener photo. The material being used is 11 gauage(.120″) stainless steel. The caliper is measuring the thickness of the steel between the “4” and the “R”.  As you can see, it’s very thin but holds that center section of the “R” in place well.

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