Q:  How do I enter?
A:  Any purchase over $50 on between Sept 1, 2016 and Oct 21, 2016 will automatically get you entered.

Q:  How many times can I enter?
A:  Once; unless you purchase a bumper.  That will give you 2 entries.

Q:  Which bumper is being given away?
A:  Single hoop V1 or V2 in bare metal.  The winner is welcome to pay for added features(more hoops, light mounts, or powder coating)

Q:  How many bumpers are being given away?
A:  One

Q:  What if I buy a bumper, will I still be entered to win a bumper?
A:  YES!!  In fact, each bumper purchase will give you 2 entries in the drawing.  Giving you a better chance of winning the bumper you purchased. (we’ll issue a refund on the bumper purchase)

Q:  Do I have to pay for shipping?
A:  Yes; unless you purchase a bumper during a “Free Shipping”(continental US only) period such as Labor Day weekend or you can always swing by and pick it up from RESZ.

Q:  How will a winner be decided?
A:  Each order will be added to a numerical list.  This number will be sent in an email after your purchase.  On Oct 22, 2016 we’ll do a short video of us generating a random number on  If your number matches, you win!!

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