Welcome to the RESZ Fab Newsletter! We’re going to try to do this once every few months to keep everyone in the loop as to what’s going on here at RESZ Fabrication. This will include general shop news, back order updates, new products, stocked items, future products and MORE!




Today I’m going to start off with some really exciting news that I’ve been dying to share with everyone. As many of you already know our lead times can be quite lengthy on some of our products. It used to mainly be bumpers but links are in a much higher demand now so we’ve been running behind on those as well. In order to combat this problem we hired a couple of part-time guys and partnered up with our friends at Marsam Metal Fab.

Marsam is a family owned and operated company that was established back in 1990 and located in Twinsburg, OH. They’ve been cutting and forming many of our parts for the last 2.5-3 years. The owner’s son is a personal friend of mine that I met through off-roading years before RESZ even began. In fact, the Wrangler bumper he built for himself was a big inspiration for me to build my own bumper for the FJ. Which is how RESZ Fabrication began.

With the above said, our friends at Marsam will now be taking over MOST of the bumper production. We’ll still be doing custom one-off bumpers and some other smaller bumper orders, but Marsam will be handling the bulk of it. Don’t worry, build quality will still meet or exceed our expectations. They have a large and well-trained team of engineers, fabricators, welders and CNC operators that knock out some high quality work.

This will save us a TON of time and allow us to focus on other products such as links, sliders, mounts, skids, etc. Not only that but it will allow me to spend more time on the customer service side of things as well as the development of new products. Most importantly it will allow us to FINALLY get caught up and hopefully stock some bumpers which would drastically cut lead times. The goal is to be able to get a bumper out within a week. Yes, 1 week!!! Crazy right!?

We’ve been working diligently to get the first batch of bumpers started over the last few weeks. Currently there are almost 3 dozen bumpers over there that are cut, formed and ready to weld! We expect welding to start within the next few days.

Those of you that are currently waiting on bumpers we greatly appreciate your patience and promise that you won’t be disappointed upon receipt!



Some of you already know this, but last November we didn’t just have one of our biggest sales of the year we also moved shops! We went from a 2900 sqft shop with zero office space to a 3700 sqft building with around 1,000 sqft of office space. Best decision we ever made but worst possible time.

While we were just about to start stocking up on products to prep for the crazy holiday sales we had this opportunity drop in our laps that we couldn’t pass up. We started renovating the new shop in the beginning of October and finished Thanksgiving weekend. Yes this is the biggest culprit of why we’ve been so behind on some orders.

This move has allowed us to greatly increase productivity / production with everything being in one location. Before the move I did a lot of running back and forth between the shop and home office. In fact a small section of our basement (100 sqft) was the packaging and shipping department. When it came to shipping bumpers I had to print labels at home then bring them to the shop. It was a royal PITA. Packing and shipping links was always a nightmare. They’d be built at the shop, then go to powder coating, then have to be lugged into our basement for packaging, then lugged back out to the shop for FedEx to pick up. I definitely don’t miss those days.


Since the big move in November we have expanded the RESZ Fabrication team. There are currently 5 members of #TeamRESZ which include myself (Mike Boresz), my fiance Jenalyn, Travis, Ian, and Nick. With bumper production mostly being done at the other location the 5 of us should be able to keep up with production of our other products and eventually have some inventory here.

So what’s everyone’s job!? Well… Jena has been here since the start and has been handling packaging and shipping pretty regularly since the move. She also takes care of some customer service requests when she doesn’t have her hands full with our 1-year-old. She also keeps me on track and helps keep the shop clean and in order.

Travis started helping out with welding back in 2016 when we were still working out of a 2.5 car garage and has since been our go-to guy for welding sliders and bumpers. He’s typically only here on Monday and Tuesday evenings for a few hours but when he’s here, he’s jammin’.

Ian started back in June of 2018 at our old shop as a part-time guy helping cut, notch, and bend tubing. Shortly after starting at RESZ he enlisted in a welding technologies class to improve his welding skills. At the beginning of 2019 Ian became our first full-time employee. He does a little bit of everything now including machining parts on the lathe, part fit-up/tack welding, packaging, shipping, and even a little shop management.

Nick started with us back in January 2019 as a part-time guy who was anticipated to work 8-10 hours a week helping Ian with cutting and notching tube. It only took a few weeks before those times doubled and has now moved into other areas of tube fabrication such as bending, drilling, tapping, etc.


Alright I know a lot of you are probably curious about orders so here’s where we’re at. As I already mentioned above MOST of our bumper production will now be done at another facility to speed production, but we’re still knocking handful out here as well. We expect to be completely caught up with bumpers in the next couple of months. Getting the oldest orders out first.

Links – we have a batch of links with polyurethane ends sitting here waiting on poly bushings from Energy Suspension and expect those to be heading out next week. We have material cut for links with Duroflex Joints, but are currently waiting on a batch of parts from Metalcloak. Once we have those we’ll be able to weld up the links and get them off to powder coating. We expect these links to be ready to go in 2-3 weeks. We’re also currently working on cutting another batch of links with poly ends and expect those to be ready to ship in 3-4 weeks.

Sliders – currently working on a batch of sliders with kickouts and expect those to be ready to ship within 1-2 weeks. Non-kickout will be ready in 3-5 weeks.

Lower links mounts – couple left in stock. Another batch will be ready in several weeks.

Grilles – currently being cut at the laser cutter. Should be ready to ship in 3-4 weeks

Light bar mounts – in stock.


We’ve added a few new products to the lineup including a couple of Tundra items and some heavy-duty lower links mounts.

Heavy duty lower link mounts – these are weld on lower links mounts that replace the factory mounts that tend to get mangled when offroading. Made from ¼” thick steel. No need for link skids with these! Also includes hardware. Fits: FJC, 4th-5th Gen 4Runners, Lexus GX 460 & 470.

Low profile Tundra bumper – fits 2007 – 2013 Tundra’s and was designed for maximum clearance and approach angle. Will house one 30” light bar and two Baja Design S2 LED driving lights. Made from ¼” and ⅛” thick steel.

Heavy duty running boards / sliders – these were originally designed to fit the Tundra for those that want the functionality of a running board, but the strength of a slider. We now offer them for the FJC as well. Made from 3/16” and ⅛” thick 1.5” square tube with ⅛” thick plate on top. These can either be welded or bolted to the frame.

FJC skid plates – COMING SOON!

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